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Advanced Campaign Settings: Checkout
Advanced Campaign Settings: Checkout

Checkout options you can configure in your campaign.

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You can configure some of the options when donors complete their donation. We will explain each of the options below. To understand how to navigate to this page, check out the Advanced Campaign Settings article

Accept Donations

Having this turned on will allow donors to move through your campaign and successfully donate funds. You might turn this off when your campaign is concluded but you still want to represent all the wonderful fundraising you did to future folks visiting the page! Other reasons to turn this off might include building your campaign page and not wanting folks to donate until you've completed setting everything up.

Recurring Donations

Users are able to donate on a weekly or monthly basis. By having this on, at donation time, users will be presented with the option of frequency they wish to donate at.

By default, the selected value will always be one-time. Turning this off will hide this selection and all donations will always be considered one time donations. If you would like to cancel a donation, you can view that article here:

Require Donor Address:

By default, when a donor is checking out they will not be required to enter their address information. If a user decides to pay through apple or google pay, this information will automatically be collected within our secure Stripe service.

If you wish to always have this information, you can turn this option on. Your donors pay screen will change to look like this:

Custom Requests

By turning on Custom Requests, you are able to enable the donor to enter some specific information which might be helpful for you to collect regarding the donation they are making. IE: Matching Funds, In Honor of ect..

When you turn this option on, you will be presented with a screen similar to the following:

From here, you want to click the "Add Custom Request" action button which will reveal a small form for you to fill out.

After you fill out the information above, you'll need to press the save button for it to become active on your donation page.

The title is what users will see when the get to the final screen of their donation. Upon clicking on the item they will reveal the description and be able to complete the form themself:

This information will now be added to their donation and you can see this on your list of donations.


There is a limit of 2 requests you can present to folks donating on your campaign page. Choose wisely!

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