As a donor, it's important to be able to track your donations. We've made this simple within the "My Donations" tab of your donor dashboard.

Step 1: Sign into 4giving with the email you used to make the donation.

Step 2: Go to your Dashboard.

Step 3: Select "My Donations"

Step 4: Select the "Subscriptions" tab to see your active donations.

Step 5: Click on "Stop Subscription"

Step 6 (Optional): Once you've clicked on the 'Stop Subscription" button, your recurring transaction will be discontinued. If you would like to reinitiate a recurring transaction for a different amount or time interval, simply go back to your favorite fundraiser and enter the preferred amount and timing of your recurring donation (subscription).

Recurring donations are a hassle-free way of continuing support for organizations you care about. Ready to find an organization to support?

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