Admin Setup

Allow teams to fundraise for your campaign

First, make sure team fundraising is enabled. To do this, select the fundraising campaign you'd like to enable team fundraising. In this campaign, go to "Team" and tap "Settings." These are your team settings. If Teams are disabled, turn on "Allow Team Fundraising."

To allow members to self enroll, check the box next to "Allow member to self enroll." The enables a button on your campaign page for members to "Join the Team" (you can change the wording on this button by entering your new label in the section "Custom Button Label")

Get the Invite Link

You can jumpstart the self enrolling of teams by sending out our join link. Once teams is enabled, you will a see a section titled "Invite Members". Tap "Add a Team Member."

Next, copy the "Share Link" URL. Easily complete this by tapping the green icon.

This link will take members to your campaign and initiate self enrolling so they can become a team member and fundraise on your behalf.

Send it out!

Now you have the link to send to potential team members. Send the link out via email, social media or text message. Here is a sample message to send:

"It is that time of year again! We are ready for all of our team members to enroll, raise money and compete for a good cause! Please follow the link below, sign up and join the team!"

Member Self Enrollment

When a member clicks on your "join" link, they will be taken to your campaign and self enrollment will begin.

Wooohooo! You have a new team member raising funds on your behalf and helping grow your organization or cause!

Members can either leave their campaign page as-is or customize their campaign by adding content and pictures. Members will be notified when they receive a donation. They can share their own, unique URL on social media, email, text message, etc.

Admin Management

As the admin of the campaign, you will be notified by email when a member signs up. You will also be able to sort, track and manage team member pages. Control is yours!

Edit Members

There may be a need to interject, update or remove a team member. This is all easy from the campaign dashboard.

Sort and manage members as they join and raise funds. Click on a member or use the quick actions to copy urls and quickly delete and edit.

As a campaign admin you have full control.

Manually add members

We know everybody isn't going to be willing to self enroll as a member. You can help these members buy just adding them manually. They won't receive any notifications but you can add and manage them by clicking "Invite Team Member" and then click "Add Manually."

You can add their name, goal and optionally add an image. We make it simple to add multiple members by tapping "Create and Add Another."

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