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Settings Overview: Team Fundraising
Settings Overview: Team Fundraising
This is an overview of the different settings and capabilities with team fundraising
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To access the Team Settings, navigate to your campaign, then under the column "Team" you will see a "Settings" button.

This will expose the following dialog:

Allow Team Fundraising

- This option enables team fundraising on your campaign. By default this option is enabled on every campaign created. Individuals are able to join your campaign and raise funds on your behalf. You can create members through the dashboard via this option.

Allow member to self enroll

- This allows individuals to join your campaign themselves vs you having to create each of them. They do this by going to your donation page and clicking the Join button!

Custom Button Label

- If you have "Allow member to self enroll" enabled, a button will appear on your campaign. The default label is "Join the Team". This input field allows you to change that field.

Friendly Mode:

- If you have "Friendly Mode" enabled, there will be no values or totals associated with your team members. This is helpful to create a non-competitive atmosphere for each of the participants. Additionally their order on the donation page will be randomized.

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