You can customize and explain what a donation means to your cause by creating custom title, descriptions and donation amounts. This feature allows you to further your emotional connection and inspire donors to give and know they have made an immediate impact.

By creating personalized titles and descriptions for custom donation amounts you are providing donors with context, perspective and tangible examples of the impact of their donation and why it is critical. Whether you are using the personalized titles and descriptions to create a more impactful fundraising experience...

Or if you selling a product to raise funds to support your organization, the feature works perfectly for any purpose.

This is a tool you can't afford to not use! Add the feature to your existing campaign or start a new campaign and see the immediate increase in donations.

Here is how to start using it. In your campaign dashboard, click on the 'settings' tab:

Toggle on the "Display Titles and Descriptions for Donations Amounts"

Once toggled on you can customize your campaigns donation amounts, while also personalizing a title and description for each donation value.

Start utilizing the donation title and descriptions today...

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