4giving's powerful team fundraising feature is a great way to scale your campaign and make it fun! Team members can compete, manage their goal, customize their page and share their own unique URL.

How it works

Team fundraising is enabled when you create any new campaign in the 4giving Dashboard. You have options to customize how teams works and to disable it completely if necessary. Let's start out by looking at some demo campaigns:

These are demo campaigns and we do not charge credit cards or raise funds for the campaigns...so try it out!

Creating a campaign

  1. Get the basics in: title, photo and description. These basic details can be change and updated later.

  2. Once we have "The Basics" your campaign is created! Hit "next" and you will see "Team Fundraising" in the 4giving dashboard.

Using Teams

As a campaign owner, you have control over how you want teams to work. Let's start with team settings.

Team Settings

You have options in the team settings. First, you can completely turn team fundraising off. Second, you have the option to limit enrollment to manually enrolling members in the dashboard. Your third option is to change the label of your enrollment button on the page. By default it is "Join the Team" but another example might be "Help Fundraise."

Adding Members from Dashboard

To get started, click "Invite Team Member." You will have two options on how you want to invite a member.

Share Link - This will be the easiest option for large teams. Campaign owners can copy and share the link. This like will onboard your team members to the campaign. They will self-enroll and campaign admins will receive an email when members join.

Add Manually - Campaign admins can add and control team members. Adding manually is a great option for teams where self-enrollment is not an option. It is also great for more experimental team structures where a member could be a group such as a fraternity, church or region.

You can also run a mixture of self-enrolled and manual added members.

Joining from the campaign page

In this section we will cover how team members can enroll, customize and share right from your campaign page.

If your campaign is set for self-enrollment, you will see a button on the page. By default the button text says "Join the Team." This will kick off onboarding the individual to your campaign team.

Joining is easy. Just log into 4giving and "Create Page."

Member can edit their pages

Once a member page is created, that individual can customize their page. The more personalized each members page is the more successful the campaign. Team members can customize their member image as well as campaign title, description, image, body.

Here is an example of a customized member page. Let your teams get creative! Donors will be more motivated by personalized takes on a cause.

As a campaign owner, to get started, head over to your campaign configuration page.

You will be able to click a "Settings" button directly under Team Fundraising to expose the various options you can configure on your campaign.

Allow Team Fundraising

- This option enables team fundraising on your campaign. By default this option is enabled on every campaign created. Individuals are able to join your campaign and raise funds on your behalf. You can create members through the dashboard via this option.

Allow member to self enroll

- This allows individuals to join your campaign themselves vs you having to create each of them. They do this by going to your donation page and clicking the Join button!

Custom Button Label

- If you have "Allow member to self enroll" enabled, a button will appear on your campaign. The default label is "Join the Team". This input field allows you to change that field.

Friendly Mode:

- If you have "Friendly Mode" enabled, there will be no values or totals associated with your team members. This is helpful to create a non-competitive atmosphere for each of the participants. Additionally their order on the donation page will be randomized.

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