Outlined below are the step-by-step instructions to entering offline or manual donations, but first, let's begin with some use cases and commonly asked questions regarding entering offline or manual donations.

Commonly asked questions regarding offline and manual donations:

Q: Are there fees associated with entering offline or manual donations?

A: There are NO FEES for entering an offline or manual donation. An offline or manual donation is NOT subject to the expense of credit card processing, therefore there are no fees.

Q: Why should I enter an offline or manual donation?

A: There are many benefits to entering an offline or manual donation in your fundraising campaign. The offline or manual donation is credited towards your overall campaign goal and will be reflected in your campaign donation thermometer if you have elected to display the thermometer. Also, entering offline and manual donations allows you, the admin and organizer of the fundraising campaign, to easily track and organize all your donor data in one place. Because all offline and manual donations are included in your donor data downloadable CSV file, 4giving simplifies integration of your donor database.

How to enter offline or manual donations.

On your dashboard, tap the "donations" tab:

To add an offline or manual donation, tap on the "Add Donation" button.

Simply select the campaign you want to associate the offline or manual donation towards and enter the donation amount, date, donors name, donors email, and donors zip code, and click save. There is also an option to keep your donor's name anonymous if that's their preference.

How to see, download and export donor data.

Start a fundraiser, encourage donations, and then you can enter offline or manual donations to your campaign!

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