The 4giving embed is a great way to collect donations year-round from any web site. To convert on those giving moments, we keep the donation process simple for donors and the integration easy. Customize the widget, paste the donation code to your page and donors can start giving on your terms.

There are two ways to embed 4giving into your web site:



Donors can donate directly on your page. Fits well in any web site. No dialogs, no new window just easy.

A button you can place in your header or anywhere inline on your web site. When the user clicks the donation dialog appears.

How it Works

Go to the Donation Embed

  1. Create a Campaign - We need to create the campaign you want to embed.

  2. Choose the Campaign in "Dashboard" and click the "Share" tab.

  3. Scroll Down to "Donation Embed"

Easy Options

The widget you see in the 4giving admin is interactive, so play around with it. There are only a few options to worry about when you configure your embed:

Get the Code

Click "Get Code" below the embed preview.


Full featured donation widget right inline on your web page. You can feature wherever you want, within or beside other content. Here is an example:


This is a button that you can put anywhere on your web site and it will launch a dialog over the top of your web site to accept a donation.

Change Color

The widget has only one accent color. You see it used lightly throughout the donation experience. You can change the color in our editor by clicking "Change Color" or you can customize it in the embed code yourself. We recommend changing the color to match your primary button colors on your web site.

Show Cover

Many sites will not need the introduction to the donation page and simply want users to get started donating. Toggle on or off to show the cover or not.

Get Code

When you press "Get Code" you'll be given a block of code that you need to paste wherever you want the widget or button to appear on your website.

To learn more about the embed code and how to use it go to:

Embed on Your Web Site

We built a demo Weebly site to show different ways to use the widget to collect donations across your web site.

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