Obtaining recurring donations for your cause provides sustainable, year-round financial support for your organization and your mission.

We have grown accustomed to recurring monthly revenue models, memberships, and subscriptions. For example, monthly entertainment (Netflix) and shopping (Amazon) memberships have skyrocketed in popularity, while traditional monthly dues such as gym memberships continue to maintain their presence.

Likewise, recurring donation models have proven successful and convenient for both the organization and the donor.

Position your organization and communicate marketing messages for your cause in a similar manner. Create a membership, club, or loyal supporter club that your recurring donors can join and feel like they belong and are special.

Ensure the recurring option is indeed toggled on in the dashboard of your campaign page.

Once toggled on, the recurring donation option appears as below when a donor gives with the options of weekly and monthly.

To do so, clearly communicate what is needed from your audience monthly and, more importantly, what their monthly commitment provides. Here is an example:

'For just $10 a month you can become a recurring member of the skatepark club and help fund the new South Portland Skatepark project'

You can also offer additional benefits of becoming a member of the club; some ideas include:

Updates, news and exclusive information that they will get first before released to the public.
Access to special events/openings before the general public.
Or team up with some local businesses who will also donate special offers to your recurring club members 
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