Remember, human beings WANT to help fellow human beings. Your audience wants to help their neighbors, friends, and strangers to build a better community. Please give them a reason.

Include a strong Call to Action...providing an immediate reason to give.

Tell Them Your Problem

They want to help solve your problem. They want to help neighbors, friends, and communities become better, stronger, and healthier people and places.

They Want a Relationship with You

They want to know they can help all year long. They are engaged and passionate about the mission and want to connect on a deeper level. Show them how they can show recurring support.

Focus on Your Audience

Give people a compelling reason to support your cause. Show what you are working to solve and how important each individual's support is to the mission and how it matters to them.

Be Clear

Reinforce the urgent need and make it easy to understand the problem you are trying to solve and how they can help. Make sure the message is clear, concise, digestible, and shareable. Break up the text to separate paragraphs, subheads, fonts, styles.

Show Them The Impact They Can Have

Consider adding testimonial quotes or other facts, data, or trivia presented in creative formats, ie...infographics. This helps potential donors understand how their donations will be used through tangible examples of what the donation will be funding.

Example: 'Your donation will help pay for 1 employee salary

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