Every year students across the country help fundraise for their schools and clubs using the tried, but tired, sales methods. Given the new reality of needing contactless solutions, 4giving has a way for you to work more efficiently and still raise money to meet your goals.

Most parents (and students) struggle with the hassles and awkwardness of trying to sell things to neighbors and community members. The 4giving Team has truly "been there, done that" and are so happy to finally say, "we're over it." While we enjoy frozen pizza, butter braids, cookie dough, discount cards and the like, purchasing them with a check handed to a couple of high school or college students is just plain "old school."

So what's the solution?

Every school or University club can now use 4giving to setup a campaign page like this one in Minnesota: Support Mayo Runners. This makes club fundraising incredibly convenient. The QR code here takes you to their donation page. If you're viewing this article on a computer, take out your phone, turn on the camera and scan the code to see how it works...

Support Mayo Runners

A couple of important tips:

  • Use your QR Code. It's easy to create a card or bookmark that can be used if door-to-door outreach still needs to happen. The QR code can also go on other printed materials like event programs, posters and even T-shirts! Now your donors can easily scan with their phones and donate on the spot. They get an immediate receipt, you get the money. It's really just that simple!

  • What's the money for? Let people know why you're raising funds. Like in the example above, it helps to know why money is needed and what it will support, like 'new hurdles for the track team' or 'a tent for the cross-county team.'

  • Share! Share! Share! Your current parents, friends and neighbors are usually very happy to support your cause and club. But don't forget to share your link and page with alumni and other groups via your email distribution list, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other points of virtual contact.

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It's really important to give updates. This is one way to show gratitude and let people know that their contribution helped you meet your goals. By sharing the good news, you are sharing joy with the people that made your success possible. Not only is this great for community building, it helps them stay engaged and maybe become major donors in the future.

  • Host a livestream event on your page. 4giving supports livestreaming right from your donation page! Hosting a YouTube video (live or recorded) in the same place as your donation buttons makes it really convenient for your donors and can increase donations to your cause.

Have any questions about this or need some help? Just let us know by clicking the support button in the lower right-hand corner of this page.

Ready to start fundraising for your club, PTSA or alumni group? You can start right now. Why wait when it only takes a couple of minutes? You're here, we're here, let's

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