Once your fundraiser has been started, it's time to get the word out to potential supporters. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Print your QR code on all of your materials. That QR code links directly to your fundraising page. This makes it super simple for folks to simply point their camera at the code and donate. With this technology, every poster, coaster, brochure or mailing piece becomes a live fundraiser.

  • Send your campaign link to your email contact list(s).

  • Explain more about your campaign and how it is helping. Tip: It's important to be specific about how the donated funds will be used.

  • Share the news and link on your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, instagram. 4giving makes this easy. Simply click the "Share" button and the options to post are right there!

  • Use paid promotional options. For example, you can use Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram, Newspaper ads, etc to promote your cause. Tip: Remember to adhere to their advertising policies since they can be different from one medium to the next!

  • Contact local and national media and share your story. Many news organizations assist nonprofits with getting word out about important community causes.

  • Add a link to your 4giving fundraiser to your email signature and encourage colleagues to do the same.

  • If there are related industry, non-profit groups that you belong to or help, share the story with them.

Today, there are many great ways to spread the word about your campaign.

Psst - The 4giving Team is actively working on some even more exciting ways for your campaign to be discovered!

Ready to start and promote your campaign?

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