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Does 4giving accept checks?
Does 4giving accept checks?

4giving makes it easy to keep track of your donation checks.

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Some donors prefer to provide a physical check when making a donation. While 4giving DOES NOT process checks, we have created an easy way to enter check information to keep finances organized and add the amount to your overall goal tally.

If you'd like to add a check to your fundraising total, just use the following steps:

Step 1: Select 'Donations' from the menu

Step 2: Select a fundraiser

In this example, we will use "Mayo High School Athletics"

Step 3: Choose "Add Donation"

Step 4: Enter Donation Information

Here we will enter a check for $250 from HappyDonor.

Note: This donation CAN be made anonymous just like a standard donation by checking the Anonymous Donation box.

Step 5: Verify that the donation has been entered

Note: You may need to click "Most Recent" to refresh the list.

Step 6: View your updated statistics dashboard

You can quickly see progress towards your goal with the check included in your total amount.

Now that you know how to accept checks...

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