Within your 4giving dashboard, you will find a QR code that is customized and unique to each of your campaigns. This is an awesome and powerful tool for many reasons, including:

• Mobile devices now know how to read that complex-looking square and will take your donors directly to the page it points to - in this case, one of your campaign pages.

• QR codes help your donors get to your page without having to type in a complicated URL.

• QR Codes can be printed on anything, making all of your donor touchpoints an immediate and effective way to instantly collect more funds.

• 4giving has been integrating this technology for fundraisers since 2017.

• Your QR Code doesn't expire. That poster with a QR pointing to your fundraiser will stay active for as long as you want.

Check out this example code by pointing your mobile device camera at the screen and clicking the dropdown link.


You can find and download your QR Code from the 'Overview' or 'Sharing' tabs in your dashboard:

I can print and share QR codes anywhere and direct donors right to my donation page, sound great!

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