Chris and Joe met, by chance, at an electric vehicle charger and this "sparked" the 4giving fundraising platform you use today. Both Chris and Joe had experienced challenges when trying to donate, especially when donating to smaller organizations (who needed the money the most!)

The original 4giving moment happened when Chris wanted to donate to the church hosting his grandfather's memorial service. However, he didn't have cash or a checkbook in hand, and there wasn't a way to give with his mobile phone. Within days, with his grandfather's legacy of generosity in mind, the prototype for 4giving was created and soon thereafter version 1.0 was launched.

Later, when Chris met Joe at the charger, Joe had just donated through 4giving and liked it! However, Joe's work as a user interface and user experience designer at successful tech companies (Google and DoApp) led him to believe that 4giving could be even better for both organizations and donors. One idea ignited another and Chris, along with original team members Matt and Lindsey, hired Joe to become the 4giving Leader.

The 4giving team has grown with incredible talent and insights from a variety of backgrounds (healthcare, philanthropy, nonprofit administration, radio, television, software, law and finance). Within this growth, the 4giving mission remains simple: To provide innovative and powerful solutions that make fundraising fun, easy and successful for both organizations and donors. Our team continues to be "charged up" by generosity and the stories that lead to successful campaigns and happy donors. Our team of developers and user experience pros have designed and developed mobile software since the debut of iPhone and Android.

While is already an awesome way for causes and donors to interact, We are dedicated to making the fundraising experience even better. Keep checking back to see our latest features. Better yet, join our community today and let's keep lighting up the world of philanthropy, one cause at a time!

The 4giving Team

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