Each fundraising campaign is uniquely different, therefore we allow you to uniquely customize the donation amounts for each fundraising campaign.

In this article, we outline how and why you change the default donation amounts for donors when they give.

Use Cases on Why You Would Change the Default Donation:

Depending on the fundraising campaign, you may choose to edit or change the default donation amounts for your donors. You may want to consider doing so, depending on the type of fundraising campaign and the need for the campaign.

For example, if you are raising funds to provide school lunches for hungry children and $20 funds meals for one kid for a week, you may want your recommended donation amounts to begin at $20 and increase in $20 intervals with the maximum donation of $960, which would fund school lunches for a child for a year.

Another example, if you are holding an event and tickets for the event are $40 a person. Your campaign donation amounts could be in line with the event theme, meaning $40 (one ticket), $80 (two tickets), $160 (four tickets), $320 (eight tickets), $480 (twelve tickets), $960 (24 tickets-event sponsor).

How to Change the Default Donation Amounts:

In the dashboard of your fundraising campaign, under the 'overview' tab you will see a box titled 'Donation Amounts.'

Click on any of the numbers to manually adjust the donation amount for that fundraising campaign. Press SAVE to keep and publish your changes.

I can customize 4giving to my specifications!

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