Sometimes, taking the first step can be the hardest part. And, fundraising today has evolved into a continuous year-round initiative.

Here is how to get started, register, create your account, and your first fundraising campaign. We have broken this down into 9 easy steps:

Click on 'Start a Fundraiser' on

Step 1: Enter a fundraising campaign donation goal

The donation goal is for your first, initial fundraising campaign.

You can adjust your goal at any time.

You'll continue accepting funds after reaching your goal.

Step 2: Chose a Classification

Step 3: Enter your organization information

Step 4: Chose a Category

Step 5: Sign up

Step 6: Create an Account

Step 7: Username and Password

Step 8: Verify Account

Step 9: Tell Your Story

Start a new fundraiser right now! It's easy...

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