A great place to start is by simply creating an 'Everyday Giving' fundraising campaign

  1. Start by creating a campaign. The campaign title should summarize who you are - your organizational name - should be clear, concise, not too long, and specific enough to be identifiable with your organization. For example: 'Lakes Area Food Shelf - Brainerd, MN'

  2. Next, enter a brief sub-headline of how donated funds will be used. State your objective, a quick, short phrase of what you are doing. For example: 'Your donations will help us fund tournaments, travel, and team expenses.’

  3. Next, upload images and/or videos that help support the story of your mission. *If you're struggling to find a photo or video you like, there is a catalog of free images available to search and use.

  4. Next, in the settings tab of the admin page, toggle off the option of displaying the campaign goal amount...as this campaign is simply focused on collecting funds for your overall organizational mission, not necessarily focused on reaching a goal.

  5. Next, tell your organization’s story. Focus on making this text, easy to read, and shareable. Break up the text to separate paragraphs with sub-heads and use multiple fonts and styles. Also consider adding, testimonial quotes or other facts, data or trivia, that helps potential donors understand how their donations will be used. Here are a few examples of effective fundraising campaign pages to get your creativity going

Plan your content

  1. Remember, content is king. Create, repurpose, and reuse the content (logos, text, images, and videos) from your other sites and promotional materials.

  2. Consider using a simple 30-day content calendar to plan out your marketing outreach. Keeping your content fresh can really help to engage donors and boost your fundraising success.

Just keep sharing...

  1. Now that you've built a LIVE brand awareness campaign page, where are you going to share it?

  2. 4giving makes it easy to share across social media platforms. Just use these free tools to help you in this process:

When you click one of the social media links, a post in that platform is automatically started for you. Edit it to your liking and submit. Congrats, now you're a social media fundraising influencer!

Pro Tip: Sometimes it helps to share your new fundraiser with friends and family first. They can help with everything from spotting typos and spelling errors to great content ideas and may even make an occasional donation! 😉

Start a new fundraising campaign now...

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