At 4giving, we believe 100% of a donor’s donation should go to the fundraising campaign. In today’s digital world, organizations need to leverage the latest technology to help raise money for their cause. We provide cutting edge technology to improve access to important causes and enhance the digital donation experience.

Therefore, 4giving is completely free for organizations: no subscriptions, no setup fees and no percent taken from your donations. Organizations and users of 4giving pay us nothing to use our service. We rely on the generosity of a donor’s tip to fund the service which makes fundraising free for others. The generosity of tips really pays it forward for the next organization or cause that needs an awesome, free service.

4giving also makes it very easy to change the amount you, the donor, chooses to leave as a tip. Donors know exactly how much their credit card will be charged before it's charged.

4giving's credit card processor, Stripe, does charge for use of their credit card processing service, read more here.

4giving has no platform fees. This means I should...

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